This White Paper is a summary of WeiCrowd business model, technology and brief introduction to WeiCrowd fundraising principles. WeiCrowd fundraiser is considered to be a reward based crowdfunding campaign. Detailed terms and conditions of the fundraiser will be released later and published on WeiCrowd webpage.

This whitepaper information provided on WeiCrowd web page and any fundraiser’s terms and conditions published by WeiCrowd do not constitute a prospectus or offer document of any sort and is not intended to constitute an offer of securities or a solicitation for investment in securities in any jurisdiction. The tokens to be issued by WeiCrowd are not intended to constitute securities and/or collective investment units in any jurisdiction. If you decide to contribute to WeiCrowd development, please note that your contribution to WeiCrowd does not involve the exchange of cryptocurrencies for any form of securities, investment units and/or form of ordinary shares in WeiCrowd or any other company, WeiCrowd token holder does not receive any form of dividend or other revenue right that is guaranteed or it participates in profit sharing scheme.

Please note the whitepaper is subject to further revisions.

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Abstract /Summary

Our Belief: Blockchain is Humanity 2.0. Blockchain and its currencies will be the biggest drivers of growth for individuals and institutions alike.

Our Mission : To build WeiCrowd as the Go-To Platform for Blockchain Startups.

The Market Challenge (Token Economy)

The Token economy is growing at an unprecedented rate and is full of future, but at the same time is highly fragmented, unregulated and extremely volatile.

Being young, it has systematically built inherent challenges, which impacts all the key players of the Token economy and thereby the entire system itself.

Lack of talent liquidity, data asymmetry and prohibitive cost structures are all critical risk factors for the Token economy.

The Key challenges can be briefly narrated as below:

1) Startups find fundraisers prohibitively costly, launching a crowdsale takes few weeks to months, finding the right talent and agency is tough. There is no assurance to a successful fundraiser whatsoever.

2) Token buyers​ find it difficult to choose the right Token. Folio management is broken, easy liquidity is mostly unavailable. Overall, in a highly volatile and risky market, there is no intelligence to guide their actions.

3) Talent liquidity is a critical driver of success, but they are either diluted or locked away in select projects. This creates an artificial scarcity and locks out greater value generation for the economy. Talent must be available at economies of scope

4) Token Liquidity is a key issue which prohibits the growth of the economy. Most of the new tokens don't have ample volume to be listed on exchanges and can’t be liquidated for utility till the product is ready. A provision for liquidity of low volume tokens is a basic necessity.

5) No Regulation or Protection ​is a critical issue in terms of safety of funds. Token buyers have no control over their funds once given away in a crowdsale. It amounts to 100% risk.

6) SoftCap Failures has grown owing to mistrust and unaffordable marketing. A poor project may get funded, but a good one might fail all because of sheer marketing power. This should not be the norm.

The Product/Solution - WeiCrowd


WeiCrowd, as a platform, is a powerhouse of data intelligence and human insights, which aims to address these key challenges of the Token economy. As a Token Marketplace, its backed by its own Exchange and Incubator.

It aims to own one of the largest token databases and employs Big Data-AI, ML and Human Insights for near real time analysis. It’s a First of its kind unified platform for the Token economy.

Token Data on WeiCrowd is obtained from voluntary listing, blockchain explorers and crowdsourcing.

It has Seven Key Modules - WeiLauncher, WeiFolio, WeiCubator, WeiX, WeiScrow, WeiCap and WeiScore.

1) WeiLauncher ​is a fully automated platform for launching and managing Token Sales. Launch a Crowd Sale in few quick steps and manage the entire process seamlessly.

Key Features : Smart Contract Automation, Bounty Automation, Token Management Panel, ICO Sales Analytics, Expert Panel and Interactive White Paper Module.

2)WeiFolio​ is a Cryptofolio management tool. Manage risk through real time insights and enjoy a hassle free multi-token Folio Manager. Get an edge over the average market speed and intelligence.

Key Features : Folio management and analytics, Near Real-Time Token Alerts, Live market Feed and Exclusive privileges.

3) WeiCubator ​is a blockchain project accelerator, It is a center of excellence for quality blockchain talent and expertise. It is globally accessible across time zones and languages.

Key Features : A physical hub built of a team of participating developers, Token marketing experts, consultants and an active reserve of global support executives.

4) WeiX ​is WeiCrowd’s own Exchange. It is a new generation crypto to crypto exchange driven through a proprietary algorithm and hybrid architecture. It aims to address the liquidity issue of low volume Tokens. All successful Tokens on the WeiCrowd platform are pre-listed on WeiX Exchange.

Key Features : A crypto to crypto exchange , Open for Crowdsale Tokens, Liquid and Economical.

5) WeiScrow ​ is a decentralized escrow, where crowdsale funds are held through a secure cold storage. It is designed to prevent total loss and discourage crowdsale scams. Release of fund is tied to the projects roadmap.

Key Features : The Project Road map is built into the crowdsale Smart Contract. Release of funds based on milestones achieved is triggered upon approval by the consensus of token holders and experts.

6) WeiCap ​is a supplementary softcap fund for crowdsale that are just fractions away from meeting the funding goal. Good projects should not fail over round downs or missed fractions.

Key Features : Any crowdsale that has met 90% of its Softcap, but failed to meet 100% of it will be given a chance to succeed by WeiCap filling in for the 10% deficit. This deficit fulfillment is subject to community consensus.

7) WeiScore ​is the platform algorithm which ensures Token quality and crowdsale success on the WeiCrowd Platform.

Key Features : It is composed of 60+ factors and driven by Big Data, AI, ML and acute human insights.

Note: WeiCrowd will continuously attempt to respond to market challenges and will keep on adding and improving suitable modules.

The WeiCrowd Platform Model

The WeiCrowd Platform is driven by Automation, Big Data, AI-ML, Human Insights and has SEVEN key modules.


WeiLauncher (Startups)

Crowdsale Automation, Marketing Solution, Legal Solution and Post Crowdsale Services

1. Interactive White Paper Module – List your Token Campaign, use given whitepaper templates, upload a custom one or use the Interactive WP module. White Paper writing and other services are available as a managed service as well.

2. Smart Contract Automation– Generate your Token and Crowdsale contracts in few hours and use the white labeled Token Admin Panel.

3. Crowdsale Wallet– Multi currency wallet for accepting contributions, including Fiat in case of Accredited Campaigns.

4.Marketing Automation – Upload your PR or Ads and distribute in a few clicks. Managed services available, if necessary.

5. Bounty Automation– Create your bounty and it will be managed automatically, including tracking, analytics and rewards management.

6. Legal Services – Documentation, consultation, reviews and approvals as a fully managed service. Particularly critical for Tokens, which are securities and need legal clearances.

7. Post Tokensale Services – Listing on Exchanges, Product Prototyping and Marketing or Incubation as a fully managed service.

8. SoftCap Assurance : If a crowdsale is stuck at 90%, Weicrowd community will help meet the 10%.

Weilauncher MVP Link

A quick comparison:

Current Scenario vs. WeiCrowd Scenario
Factors Current Tokens Crowdsale Tokens via WeiCrowd
Token Trust Mostly Speculative 100 % Vetted by Experts & Community
Buyer’s Risk Extremely High Very Low to Low
Token Growth Unpredictable Optimum
Liquidity Unpredictable Medium to High
Funding Assurance Undefined Assured SoftCap
Team KYC/AML Undefined Defined and Vetted
Startup Longevity Unpredictable Low to High

WeiFolio (Token Buyers)

Best of Breed Tokens, Smart Folio Manager, Premium Services – Auto Buy/Sell, Auto Swap

1. Token Quality/Safety: Buy best of breed Tokens, vetted by WeiScore and the community. Use WeiScore, along with your individual risk appetite to make the best buy or sell decisions.

2. Community Rights: Use your community vote to help launch the best Token campaigns. A great WeiScore and your vote means a great project. Use this right for WeiScrow and WeiCap.

3. Discounted Tokens: When you buy a Token on WeiCrowd, pay 5 % less by using the native WeiCrowd Token(WEIS). 5% of your Total contribution amount is discounted with an equivalent in WEIS.

4. Multi-Token Folio Manager: A free Folio manager to manage and track all your ERC20 and other Blockchain Tokens at one place.

5.Auto Buy/Sell: Set your parameters and the system buys/sells or reserves the Tokens of your choice for execution.

6. Auto Swap : Convert the coins by swapping it with one of your choice without having to pay for a high conversion fee.

Token Buyer's DEMO LINK

WeiCubators - Post Crowdsale Services

Talent Liquidity, Project Prototyping, WeiMarket

Meeting roadmap milestones is critical to projects on WeiCrowd. WeiCubators are meant to help with this critical requirement.

They are Centers of Excellence for quality Blockchain talent and expertise. It is globally accessible across time zones and languages.

A physical hub built of a team of participating developers, Token marketing experts, consultants and an active reserve of global support executives.

They accelerate startup growth with Rapid Prototyping and help Blockchain developers earn work tokens for codes they commit.

WeiMarket - an online subunit of WeiCubator is a global Talent Marketplace for Blockchain projects. They host both 'Open Projects' and WeiCrowd Projects. DApps can be launched through WeiCubators.

On boarding process is initiated at the Token listing stage and project is assigned as per the roadmap.

Tokens that choose WeiCubators need to buy WEIS in order to avail the services.

The first hub is planned for ASIA (India), followed by Africa(tentative).

WeiCubator as an ICO incubation center can also launch ICOs on the WeiCrowd Platform, while retaining the same leadership team but provided there is an adequate team for the project domain.

1st Live WeiCubator, Location - ASIA (INDIA-National Capital Region)

WeiX (The WeiCrowd Token Exchange)

Post Crowdsale Token Liquidity

WeiX.io is WeiCrowd’s own Token Exchange and it aims to address post ICO liquidity issues.

It is a peer to peer crypto exchange, specifically created for Crowdsale tokens.

It is a free to trade exchange till a minimum reserve of WEIS is maintained by a User.

It is programmatically designed to provide easy liquidity at zero to nominal fees.

One can liquidate the reserve and have the option to trade with nominal fees.

WeiX will be built using 0X protocol.

Weix Exchange Beta

WeiScrow - (Roadmap Success Fund)

Smart Roadmaps powered by Ether Contracts.

It is a decentralized escrow for the funds raised through WeiLauncher. Funds are safely stored on cold wallets.

The project timeline or roadmap is programmed into the Smart Contract and funds release for each milestone is triggered based on expert report and community consensus.

In case the project fails, funds are released back to the token buyers or re-purposed for new tokens.

WeiCrowd will collect, assess and publish each milestone achieved or failed. This helps the community to form a dispute free consensus.

WeiScrow helps prohibit Token scams and protects Token buyers from total loss in case of project failures.

WeiCap - (Assured SoftCaps)

Letting Great Tokens Succeed

It is a supplementary fund created for preventing fractional softcap failures particularly for Tokens with high WeiScore and high community support.

A crowdsale closing at 90% of Softcap is eligible for a 10% fund supplement, subject to community consensus.

WeiCap is only an assurance.

WeiScore (Platform Algorithm)

The Quality Control Algorithm

It is a measure of a Token's Trust, Transparency and Growth. It is calculated Auto-manually. WeiScore (100) is calculated during the listing process and is based of 60+ factors.

Below is a brief insight into it:

X% Weightage (A+B) X% Weightage (C+D)
Factor A Factor B Factor C Factor D
1/ Howey Test 1/ Metcalfe's Score 1/ Community Voting 1/ Expert Opinion
2/ KYC/AML 2/Impact/EcoScore 2/Community Sentiment
3/ESCROW 3/ Team Score
4/ Founders Lock 4/Token Distribution

WeiScore is completely algorithmic. Parallel to it, every Token is assigned with a Community or Consensus based quality score.

A great WeiScore and a Community score means a safe and best of breed Token.

The WeiCrowd Business Model

We expect Tokens looking for End to End services to sign up with us. Global Startups looking to raise funds at an affordable cost and aiming to hit the market early are ideal candidates.

WeiCrowd will derive its profits by enabling end to end Token services and WeiCubator Services.

The platform will retain a 2-6% success fee of total funds raised, plus 2-6% in Token. (Percentages will vary as per actual Terms and conditions for each Token based of its category and funding goal).

Weicrowd expects 10-30 ICOs on-boarded every month. Over the time, WeiCrowd will hold a portfolio of best of breed tokens that will drive the Top 300 Token Volume in terms of Market Cap.

The platform will provide APIs and White label options to Startups, who want such options for their sites.

WeiCubators as a strategic asset will be the key driver of the ecosystem and value of WEIS.

WeiCubators may allow external parties to use its services in lieu of WEIS.


Token Economies of WEIS

WeiCrowd Tokens called [WEIS] are the fuel to drive the economics of WeiCrowd Platform.

They are used for each module of the WeiCrowd platform.

How to use WEIS?
ICO Startups Token Buyer Bounty Hunter
Payments of WeiLauncher accepted via WEIS Exercise your community rights - WeiLauncher, WeiScrow and WeiCap when you have WEIS Keep WEIS for future
Payments of WeiCubator accepted via WEIS Discounted Token Purchases Use for liquidity
Payments of WeiX Exchange accepted via WEIS Discounted Trading Fees on WeiX Exchange Use WEIS for buying Tokens

How to get WEIS?
ICO Startups Token Buyer Bounty Hunter Blockchain Programmer
Buy them during the private sale, crowdsale or later on an Exchange Buy them during the private sale, crowdsale or later on an Exchange Earn them during the bounty program and airdrops Earn them by working on projects hosted via WeiCubator

Token Value & Distribution

(Price gets updated everyday at UTC 00:00 Hours, as per market rate of ETH on Coinmarketcap.com)


Use of Funds


WeiCrowd Roadmap

  • October 2017

    WeiCrowd Concept
  • WeiLauncher MVP

    January 2018

  • February 2018

    WeiX Exchange Beta
  • WeiCrowd Launched
    (Singapore Blockchain summit 2018)

    27th February 2018

  • 15th May 2018

    Crowdsale Sale Starts
  • WeiFolio MVP

    July 2018

  • September 2018

    WeiScrow & WeiCap MVP
  • WeiCrowd Release 1.0

    May 2019 or Earlier

Our Partners

  • Prolitus
  • Global Blockchain Foundation
  • iCyberSec
  • Blockchain Worxx

The WeiCrowd Team

Core Team

  • Ravi Chamria

    Ravi Chamria

    Co Founder/All Things Technology

  • Tapash Sinha

    Tapash Sinha

    Co Founder/All Things Marketing

  • Ed Rowland

    Ed Rowland

    Head -Crypto Analytics

  • Paul Kirch

    Paul Kirch

    Head - Market Research

Our Advisors

  • Hosam Mazawi

    Hosam Mazawi

    ICO Advisor

  • Timo Trippler

    Timo Trippler

    ICO Advisor

  • Umar Shafiq

    Umar Shafiq

    ICO Advisor

  • Floyd D'Costa

    Floyd D'Costa

    Strategic Advisor

  • Dr. Fahad G.

    Dr. Fahad G.

    Blockchain-AI Advisor

  • Praneet Kumar

    Praneet Kumar

    Legal Advisor

  • Abhijith Naraparaju

    Abhijith Naraparaju

    Blockchain Advisor

Our Team

  • Shringarica Chandel

    Shringarica Chandel

    Sr. Business Analyst

  • Ashish Vishwakarma

    Ashish Vishwakarma

    Solutions Architect

  • Sankalp Sharma

    Sankalp Sharma

    Blockchain Architect

  • Amit Pathak

    Amit Pathak

    Digital Marketing

  • Nitesh Sharma

    Nitesh Sharma

    Solutions Consultant - Blockchain & ERP

  • Prashant Prabhakar

    Prashant Prabhakar

    Blockchain Developer

  • Abhinav Garg

    Abhinav Garg

    Blockchain Developer

  • Lakshay Gaur

    Lakshay Gaur

    Blockchain Developer

  • Supriya Nigam

    Supriya Nigam

    Social Media Manager

  • Pratibha Verma

    Pratibha Verma

    Digital Marketing